Polychemy - Sell With Us

Polychemy is happy to invite you to join our family of wholesalers and retailers all across the world.
Whether you are a small online business or a large retail chain, Polychemy supplies Jewelry to business of all shapes and sizes.

Wholesale Consignment

Polychemy Specializes in Customizable Jewelry. All our jewelry is unique and made to order.
Because of this, we sell our jewelry on a consignment basis.

As a retailer you can:

Because of our great consignment arrangement. You Won't be required to hold any expensive stock and avoid the risk of not selling through.
If you would like to sign up for our Consignment Program, Please contact us at [email protected].

Pre-Personalised Jewelry

We also offer Retailers and Wholesalers to purchases pre-personalised Jewelry in large order. Please contact us at [email protected] for Price list and MOQ details. Thank You.

Embed Our Apps, And Monetize your site.

We now allow anyone to embed our Jewelry customization apps directly on your site.
Just by copying and pasting a few lines of code, you can offer your visitors a chance to customize and buy thier own Personalised Jewelry straight of your site. This a quick and fast way to monetise your traffic. We will do a profit sharing arangement (normally at 20%-30% Sales).

Click here to see an example of this Embedable app in action.

Embed this app and Try it out now! :
<!-----POLYCHEMY EMBED CODE - Copy & Paste this code between the Body tages of your HTML ----> <div id="iframeEmbed"></id> <script type="text/javascript"> //Set Up variables For Embedable App./// var USER = "[ACCESS_CODE]"; //Set default product. var productName = "Roman Name Ring"; //Do you have an external cart? //var shoppingcart = "http://localhost/FakeShoppingCart.php"; //if no shopping cart leave shoppingcart variable empty var shoppingcart = ""; var buyButton = "Add To Cart"; var currency = "USD"; //Dimensions var P_height = "1300"; var P_width = "100%"; </script> <!--END POLYCHEMY EMBED CODE - Polychemy.com--> <script src="http://polychemy.com/js/polyEmbed.js"></script>

The App can also be hooked up to your own Shopping cart with our API:

There is also no branding on our apps, this provides a seamless user expirence for your customers.

This arrangement is great if you are:

If you wish to join us, contact us at [email protected].