Our mission is to create premium quality jewellery exactly matched to your individual taste and style. Our unique pieces can be personalised for you or your loved ones, to mark that special occasion or capture a special moment. Our bespoke design service enables you to create unique statement pieces to be cherished and admired.

The Polychemy designer jewellery team take great pride in their creations and every care is taken to produce quality, high-end, boutique style designer jewellery, made to your own distinct style. Using the very latest technology and artistic vision, these unique statement pieces are targeted at customers looking for ageless classic designs, as well as high fashion pieces with a distinctive character.

Combining genuine artistry with the latest in jewellery manufacturing technology - the Polychemy team have created a unique range of 'wearable art' - luxurious, 'one of a kind' pieces that are both eye catching and desirable.

Precious metals and gems
Using only the purest grade precious metals and gem stones, each piece is designed to your exact requirements and made using the very latest in 3D printing technology in the USA and Hong Kong. Leading edge 3D printing technology allows an unrivalled freedom and flexibility of design that makes the Polychemy designer jewellery range so unique.

Made to order
Choose your design, personalise as required, select your desired precious metal and gemstones. Choose your chain length or for rings, our extensive size selection for the USA, UK and Europe ensures that all our custom made rings will be tailored to fit. Our technicians then create your custom design to order, ensuring a unique hand finished product just for you.

Refund policy
All our products are covered by our 24hr refund policy. plus we will provide a refund on any defective goods.

Customer satisfaction
With over 3000 Facebook advocates, our user testimonials link to Facebook Page reflect Polychemy's trusted reputation and loyal customer base.

Welcome to the Polychemy community. We look forward to creating your vision.
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