Polychemy - How We Do What We Do.

Step 1 : Customize Your Design

Choose a Design you like and customize the Jewelry to your liking.

Thanks to 3D Printing, we can personalize every aspect of your jewellery to an unprecedented degree, change everything from metal type to custom text. Create a design that best represents you, or create something unique for that special someone in your life.

If your Browser supports WEBGL, you will be able to see the design in real-time 3D, and even interact with it! You can download and install WebGL here : http://get.webgl.org/

*Please note that the 3D Display is meant as a visual display, and the final product might defer slightly.

Step 2 : Your Design is Printed

Your Design is manufatcured with a vairity of different manufacturing processes including Metal 3D printing and C&C Machines. We take great care to maintain the quailty and accuracy of each piece. Manufacturing typically takes 5-10 days.

3D Printing gives real depth and dimensionality to your jewelry, unlike traditional personalized jewelry (which is usually cut from flat pieces of metal), our jewelry is printed layer by layer in 3 Dimensions. The results are beautiful high quality, customizable designs at amazing prices!

Step 3 : Polished By Hand

Each piece is then polished by hand. Since all our orders are custom made, we take great care to make sure each order is perfect.
After polsihing is complete, we do the gem setting and quality check.

Step 4 : Shipped Internationally

After 15-20 days, manufacturing is complete, and your order is ready for shipping!
An email with a tracking code will be dispatched to you shortly.

Step 5 : Share With The World!

Finally after a long journey from concept to completion, it finally arrives at your door step!
Tag your self on instagram with the #Polychemy tag and join our growing community of Polychemy users!